Two fold safety due to pump hose in combination with a diaphragm
The medium is transported inside the hose and neither contacts the pump casing, nor the diaphragm or hydraulic system.

High operational safety and availability
Even with broken hose, the pump needs not be stopped but may continue to work as an ordinary diaphragm pump until such times as the system dictates that the pump may be shut down.

Hydraulically activated pump hose
The real pumping procedure is activated by conveying hydraulic power onto the pump hose (displacement of water or similar), thereby squeezing the hose by only approximately 30 % which contributes to considerably increased life.

High chemical resistance
Hose and diaphragm may be individually adapted to the medium handled. Even PTFE hoses may be used.

Smooth output
A built-in piston compressor (option) permanently feeds air to the pressure air vessels to built up an air cushion which dampens pressure pulsations and pressure peaks.

Low wear
Due to the pump design and throughput of medium in the direction of flow.

Easy to serve
Simple mechanical control and easily accessible wearing parts.

Integrated pressure relief valve
A pressure relief valve is installed in the oil reservoir. It is set to the required working pressure and protects the pump against damage in the event of excess pressure (e.g. by closed discharge valve or blocked discharge pipe).


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